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My Belief As A Wizard Of Spiritual Realms

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I have always been a loving peaceful person that cares about living in a way of doing no harm to myself or others in anyway. My spirituality has always extended way beyond what most believe. That being able to hear, see, touch, and continuously interact with Spiritual Beings that exist mostly in the Supernatural.
I'd begin to learn that these Spiritual Beings were helping me throughout all of my trials, overseeing my entire life. God is within us, Angels assigned about us, and travel with us everywhere they are asked to be.
Why not be a Christian? This is simple to answer. Ever since God came to teach us in person, Humans, both male and female, have used the term Christianity for everything it is not. They have killed. It's been used it to incorrectly control others. They have used it to improperly judge.
It's been used to rape both young and old, girls and boys. Steal by not taking care of the people around the Church while they build bigger buildings and live the high life. God has never instructed any of them to do such. Always wearing their Sunday Best, Oh, you look good on the outside, yet, you are filled with the bones of the dead and everything else unclean!
Unnaturally robbing the birth from a child in the womb causes the same problems as it did for the Robber. This meaning the female who allows it to happen, the doctor who performs the procedure, and even the one who pays for it to happen. Ever wonder why the lives of these individuals are never right afterwards? Why they age quickly? Their spirits seem to be drained all the time?
Taking a life in any stage of growth has it's penance. Though repentance can still happen with these, their natural and spiritual life will be altered, that being not as fruitful as it once could have been. It's a shame how these justify all that they do, some saying what they do in line with what God would do.
God never said build a Kilo-Church, a Mega-Church, or even a Giga-Church! I wonder why the Bible talks so much about money and the Evil corruption that it will bring. God has always taken care of those near before sending those out afar. These are nothing more but modern day Towers of Babel. A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump, so, I refuse to be associated with the lump of these described here so called Christians!
God knew us before we were born, before we were gestated, before we were conceived, before the act of procreation ever took place. It is the beginning of our greatest sacrifice that we perform for God when we come into the natural from the spiritual to be tested. The walk out of eternity into time for God should have everyone evaluating their lives here wisely. There is no test like this natural one in eternity. Nor is there any better test to regain one's proper place back into eternity.